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Jane Pelland


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Exclusive to the Western Hemisphere, the smallest of birds is named for the "hmmm" created by rapid wing motion, up to 80 flaps per second.  Its heart must accelerate to 1,200 beats per minute to enable forward, backward, and sideways flights of fancy.  To fuel such fervor, its needlelike break, a protective sheath for its tongue, taps sugary nectar from flower blooms several times each hour.  Nightfall triggers a state of torpor that will restore its metabolism for rigorous demands at dawn, which will include an epic, non-stop annual migration of 1,200 miles.  Most deservedly, the unflinching Hummingbird remains a symbol of tenacity, endurance, continuity, and infinity.  

Lithographs and cards are reproduced from Jane’s original art by a fine art printer. Images are printed with vegetable-based, environmentally friendly inks onto the finest quality watercolor-type recyclable paper. Products are printed in the U.S.A. and use raw materials made in the U.S.A.

8 notecards

Made in Charleston, SC

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