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Lydia Inglett Ltd. Publishing

Charleston Salt and Iron

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This is a different kind of Charleston book. It is a collection of stunning images, essays and stories written by business leaders, writers, artists, musicians and those who have their family trees deeply rooted in soil tended by generations of Charlestonians.
Travel through these pages and experience Charleston as you've never seen it. The history, the events and the sheer beauty that continues to shape all who come into contact with her.
Explore the city's historical homes and cobblestone streets, listen for the rhythm of the tides, and paddle past the marsh grass for a view of the city's waterfront. Her historical past gives way to today, still growing and still awe-inspiring. Charleston Salt and Iron is what this city is about -- turn the pages and enjoy the journey.
Foreword by Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times Best Selling Author The Beach House Trilogy and The Lowcountry Summer Trilogy

Edited by Wendy Nilsen Pollitzer
2016 Lydia Inglett Ltd. Publishing

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