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Unearthing the History and Cultivation of the The World’s Biggest Bulb

Crinum are classic plants: beautiful and possessed of a unique mystique. Known as Heirloom or pass-down plants, they have a long and intriguing history of cultivation around the world.

With degrees from Clemson University and the University of Washington, as well as 30 years of experience cultivating Crinum at his organic farm, horticulturalist Jenks Farmer provides us all the key insights required to make the multitude of Crinum species and hybrids flourish in our gardens.

Inside the book we can explore:

  • Zone maps
  • Hardiness evaluations
  • Perfect planting schedules
  • Suggestions for succession gardening
  • Guides for precise planting
  • Characteristics for accurate care
  • History of Crinum's globe-trotting travels
  • Stories about key Crinum conservationists
  • Gorgeous photos for picking perfect varieties.

Jenks has an infectious passion for Crinum, which is apparent in each word of every tale told within this seminal volume. To fulfill one of his greatest desires, he has compiled this collection of knowledge in the hopes of conveying the love for this special bulb to future generations: just as Crinums themselves have been passed down by so many gardeners who have come before.