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Slavery to Civil Rights

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A Walking Tour of African American Charleston

Slavery to Civil Rights: A Walking Tour of African American Charleston is the most complete and well-researched walking tour guidebook to African American history in Charleston, SC. Illustrated with over 45 photographs and pictures, the book details the significant individuals and events that have shaped African American history in the city from the 1600's to the present day.

The guidebook begins with an introduction to Charleston's central role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade to North America. The volume continues with colorful stories and biographies that reveal a seldom told side of Charleston's history spanning the colonial, federal, and antebellum eras, followed by Reconstruction, Jim Crow and the Civil Rights Movement. With sections organized geographically along two separate routes, the guidebook can be read as a traditional book or used as a companion to visit actual historic locations in downtown Charleston.

Topics covered in the book include:
-1919 Race Riot: Five African Americans murdered in downtown Charleston < BR>-Avery School: Prominent African American school
-Dr. Lucy Brown: First woman doctor in Charleston
-Brown Fellowship Society: African American mutual aid & burial society
-Cigar Factory Strike: Original use of We Shall Overcome song
-Denmark Vesey Slave Revolt: Conspiracy with wide-ranging impact on local history
-Edwin Harleston: Renowned artist, co-founder of Charleston NAACP chapter
-Mother Emanuel AME Church: Oldest AME congregation in the South
-Freedman's Savings and Trust Company Bank chartered for African Americans after Civil War
-Jehu Jones Hotel: One of the finest hotels in antebellum Charleston
-PFC Ralph H. Johnson: Awarded Medal of Honor
-Ernest Everett Just: Groundbreaking cell biologist
-Gadsden's Wharf: Site where approximately 30,000 captive Africans imported to the US
-Kress Lunch Counter Sit-in: 1960 Civil rights action
-Louis Gregory: Civil rights pioneer and teacher of Bahá'í faith
-Grimke Sisters: Childhood home of abolitionists
-Jenkin's Band: Trained generations of black musicians
-Philip Simmons: Famed blacksmith
-Porgy & Bess: Real life inspiration for Catfish Row
-Robert Smalls: Stole Confederate ship, Congressman
-Ryan's Slave Mart: Prominent slave auction site
-Septima Clark: Mother of the Civil Rights Movement


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