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George Roberts


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Sword Gate

The home at 32 Legare Street was built in 1808 and has seven bedrooms and a carriage house for a total of around 12,000 sq. ft. of space on a lot of less than an acre. The Sword Gate was made by ironworker Christopher Werner in 1838 for the city’s new Guard House, but never used until installed here in about 1849. Legare St. is named for goldsmith Solomon Legare “the Huguenot,” who built the first house on this property. Before the lot left the family 1803, his descendants had become wealthy plantation owners and commission merchants. In more recent times, the home has been carefully renovated with the latest in technology including a generator for power outages.

Signed artist's print 4x6 with 5x7 mat
Art by George Roberts

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