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University of South Carolina Press

Charleston Ghosts

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Charleston, South Carolina, famous for its magnolia and azalea gardens, its "Battery," and its key role in early American history, has, naturally enough, it share of ghosts. They stalk the halls of town houses once famous for gracious living and romance; they inhabit lonely stretches of moss-draped road and deserted gardens on the sites of old plantations outside the city.
Charleston Ghosts brings to life an intriguing assemblage of personalities who act out their fateful roles in true-to-legend style:
• At Belvidere the lonely slave girl who was driven to crime by her faithless lover
• The lovely bride-to-be killed by a childhood friend on her wedding night
• Young Catherine Chicken, who spent a terror-filled night bound to a tombstone in the Childsbury graveyard
• And unhappily married Ruth Lowndes Simmons, whose carriage wheels can still be heard at night along the deserted alleys as she drives to her empty home.
The late Margaret Rhett Martin attended the Misses Sass School for Girls in Charleston and later continued her education at Converse College and at the Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington, D.C. She had a remarkably keen eye for the dramatic situation, and her lifelong fascination with South Carolina history enabled her to focus her talents in the writing of Charleston Ghosts.

Written by Margaret Rhett Martin
1963 University of South Carolina Press

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