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Charleston Impressions

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We walk streets that have changed little in the last 100 and sometimes 200 years. The buildings crowding in on all sides are not fanciful reconstructions but the real thing. We saunter where pirates saunterered. Duels were fought on these greens. Cannonballs clipped tree branches and tombstones. Courtships were pressed, marriages made, babies born. Lucky people grew old and died. Life was lived here.
There are no longer pirates or cannon balls around, but life is still lived in Charleston. Very much so. She s a liveable city and a visitable one. And she s been discovered by travelers and travel magazine editors. Every few months the old city of Charleston is picked for a new favorite destination honor.
Azaleas in bloom, cobblestone streets, gourmet Gullah cooking, the sway of a horse drawn carriage and the scent of tea olive hard to get such attributes into a photograph, but renowned architectural photographer N. Jane Iseley manages to do it, and William Baldwin, novelist, historian and poet, does the same with the text.
From the pale shadow of elaborate ironwork laid across a tiled church entry to the famed Dock Street Theater aglow with lights, Charleston Impressions is a book of riches. Come along. You're invited in.

Photography by N. Jane Isely
Text by William P. Baldwin Hardback
2011 Legacy Publications

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