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More Civil War Curiosities

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More Civil War Curiosities contains strange but true stories from the four-year conflict that raged across a one-thousand-mile battle front with more than three million men in uniform. Anything could and often did happen. Webb Garrison recounts instances of friendly fire casualties, the unperfected art of spying, banishments and deportings, grisly tales of missing limbs, name changes for both people and ships, disguises that worked (and some that did not), and many "firsts" and "lasts."
Following the success of his first volume of unusual and little-known events of the American Civil War, Garrison has created another collection of strange but true stories from that conflict. This volume includes tales of disguises that worked (and some that did not), strides in manufacturing and technology brought about by the war, friendly fire casualties and more.

Written by Webb Garrison
1995 Thomas Nelson

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