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Charlestonians in War

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Charleston, South Carolina, has always celebrated its history. Once the wealthiest-per-capita city in the nation, it was the place where the Civil War began, when secessionists fired on the Federally held Fort Sumter. Heeding their city's motto, "Regard our buildings, customs, and laws," modern Charlestonians preserve this unique heritage by vigilantly protecting their neighborhoods from both urban decay and unconsidered modernization. This devotion to the civil cause has roots deep in Charleston's past. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Charleston, as the site where the Ordinance of Secession was signed, faced the full wrath of Union forces. In response, the Charleston Battalion, comprised of volunteers from all strata of local society, formed a loyal, effective fighting unit. They served with distinction in several campaigns in Virginia and North Carolina and defended their hometown against Union invaders. Through Charlestonians in War, these brave men finally receive their due. W. Chris Phelps describes the origins of the battalion and focuses on its capable commander, Peter Charles Gaillard, who later became mayor. In-depth studies of the battalion's various battles, at home and away, are also included.

Written by W. Chris Phelps
2004 Pelican Publishing Co

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