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High Battery Press

Jack the Cat

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Jack the Cat tells his tale about Charleston and Fort Sumter during the Civil War. Through the eyes of Jack, youngsters can explore antebellum Charleston, learn about slavery, experience Fort Sumter during the Civil War, and appreciate the impact of the war on liberty. Journey with Jack as he is swept into events that would lead America to become a nation indivisible, with freedom and justice for all. This 48-page book draws the reader in with 23 beautifully rendered full-color illustrations and 16 vignettes. Jack the Cat includes an illustrated glossary of terms used throughout the book. Because of the special attention given to historical accuracy, Jack the Cat is an excellent supplement to studies about the Civil War and Fort Sumter. Although Jack the Cat is targeted to 3rd through 5th grade independent readers, this book will become a favorite read-aloud for younger children as well. As Jack tells his story, children of all ages will be engaged and fascinated by the events surrounding Fort Sumter and Charleston. History comes to life through the eyes of Jack, the cat that went to war.

Written by Russel Horres
Illustrated by Kate Sherrill
2011 High Battery Press

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