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Grow Easy

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Organic Crops for Plots & Small Plots

Rising star of the organic grow-your-own scene, Anna Greenland, presents her top 30 crops to grow in containers or a small, raised bed and provides all the information you need to make sure they flourish a new generation of growers are hungry for the know-how to transform their balconies, front steps and back gardens into edible spaces. Whether it's due to vulnerabilities in our global food system or the simple realization that gardening makes you feel good, now is the time for Grow Easy. Anna Greenland offers the jargon-free information, inspiration and confidence you need to get growing from scratch with absolutely no prior knowledge. Growing in an organic, sustainable way is central to this book and it doesn't need to be difficult or more expensive. 

  • Try Anna's 30 top crop choices (10 vegetables, 10 herbs, 10 flowers/fruit) that are perfect for small spaces. Plant 'spotlights' give in-depth advice on how to grow each crop in a pot, in the ground or on a windowsill.
  • A year-round planner keeps you on track with monthly tasks.
  • Seasonal crop plans are included for those with small gardens, with a blueprint for two small, raised beds that gives continuous harvests and avoids gluts.
  • Suggested planting combinations for striking pots or windowsills inspire creativity.

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