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Bulls Bay Saltworks

Sea Salt

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Carolina Margarits Salt


Solar Evaporated Sea Salt

Gourmet Kitchen Necessity: Featured in Bon Appetit, Food and Wine, Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, Southern Living, and more.

Carolina Margarita Salt Isn’t Just for Rita's! Try it with a Bloody Mary or mix with sugar & sprinkle over the ice in your Mojito.

Designed with Professional Chefs & Bartenders in Mind: We’re proud to have Carolina Margarita be the artisan salt of choice for many well-renowned Charleston bartenders. 

Made with Solar Energy: Salt crystals are extracted from the pristine Bulls Bay and then solar evaporated, sifted, and packaged on the homestead. 

Woman-Owned, Made in the USA

Bulls Bay Saltworks is harvested from Bulls Bay, South Carolina, home to one of the healthiest saltwater ecosystems. This outstanding water collection site allows homesteader Teresa Smithmyer (and her team of local salt aficionados) produce a unique salt with natural purity and distinctive taste. Crafting salt from extremely clean water, in addition to using solar evaporation and filtering techniques, allows Smithmyer and her small team to offer a premium domestic sea salt with minimal carbon footprint.