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University of South Carolina Press

The Secret Gardens of Charleston

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A city renowned for the preservation of its vast collection of Georgian and other antebellum architecture, Charleston is equally famous for the intriguing private gardens that make it one of the greenest cities in the nation. From within hidden sites and from behind ancient city walls, the nearly two dozen exquisite gardens Louisa Pringle Cameron profiles in this book leave little doubt that Charleston has earned its moniker as "a city set in a garden."
Although all are situated in Charleston, each garden is unique, offering the reader the aesthetic experience of discovery and renewal with the turn of a page. Readers step through shrubbery and meander under trellises bulging with flowering vines, with each photograph providing a unique perspective into the horticultural character of this urban city. Surrounded by native gardeners' encouragements, tips, and stories, the narrative details a vibrant life and history in each space. The Secret Gardens of Charleston captures the distinct architectural composition of this remarkable city and provides a rewarding collection of ideas, advice, and anecdotes from the city's experienced gardeners.

Written by Louisa Pringle Cameron
Photography by Lauren Preller Chambers
2012 University of South Carolina Press

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